Fonax MateCOMM

Fonax MateCOMM offers a is turnkey solution for the implementation of unified communications services in prison facilities.
Fonax MateCOMM solutions meet high quality standards and extensive integration capabilities with third-party systems, hence increasing the capabilities of existing systems to complement them and thus contribute to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)'s big savings for entities that acquire our solutions.

Fonax MateCOMM provides robust billing management options for users, with different call charging options, such as single pins, rechargeable pins with and without additional passwords, centralized automatic charges linked to existing penitentiary systems, multi-currency, multi -languages, destination restrictions (white Lists),time restrictions, call duration, among others.

Total Control
Total Control

Fonax MateCOMM also offers the recording of calls made and received, in an indexed manner, so that they can later be located (through manual and/or automatic filters) in a few clicks and thus the information is always within reach for supervision, storing months or years of phone calls depending on the requirements.

Proven Experience
Proven Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing large-scale unified communication systems, Fonax continues to innovate and provide excellent solutions of proven efficiency, winning awards and always offering the best quality, value price/value and pre and post-sales support.

Integrating All Systems
Fonax MateCOMM is a suite of unified communication solutions that work together to offer the best control, capabilities and flexibility on the market, with devices ranging from specialized rugged phones specially created for penitentiaries, gateways, IP-SIP signaling servers/systems, Billing systems with various options which can also be integrated with existing centralized billing systems, in order to offer a solution

with total control over prison communications without the need to manage cash or other currencies other than those permitted by the centers, thus allowing the management of centralized balances in a single currency and at the same time facilitating third parties (family and friends) to contribute balance to the user's account if necessary and permitted.
Real-time monitoring
Maintain absolute control of all calls in progress in real time, with the graphical interface that allows you to view all the details of the calls that are being made, and can also silently listen to them while the calls taking place.
Call History Monitoring
History of all calls made and received for at least 12 months
(expandable according to customer requirements) with all data/information about the calls.


All statistics and relevant information help the decision-making processes in the vast majority of cases. Regarding the critical information required, Fonax MateCOMM provides a wide variety of statistics and essential information for the management of communications in any area and of course in places where security is essential, these statistics are key to the correct control and management of information, that is why our solutions, in addition to offering an important database of information and reports, can adapt to the reporting needs that our clients need, significantly improving the control and supervision of the communications of the venues, both individually (per user) and collectively.

"Turnkey" Solutions

FONAX MateCOMM implementations include all the devices and requirements, both software and hardware, necessary for a correct implementation of a world-class solution, including servers, gateways, specialized prison phones with characteristics suitable for high security environments and high durability, control software, billing software, monitoring software, integrations with third-party systems, adaptations required by the client, among others.

Specialized telephones for prisons


· Constructed of durable 14-gauge stainless steel.
· Built in mounting plate designed for fast, easy installation.
· Mounting plate includes gasket which prevents moisture from entering phone.
· Oversized line-wire entrance hole w/ moisture preventing gasket.
· Mounts directly to the wall or installs inside a hood/enclosure.
· Tamper resistant locking system.
· Oversized stainless steel ADA keypad.
· Adjustable volume button for full ADA compliance.
· Magnetic, sealed Hookswitch.
· Armored handset cord, with internal lanyard, is made to Bell Core standards and withstands minimum 1000 Ib pulling test.
· Handset cord retaining bracket is designed for fast, easy handset changes.
· Stainless steel grommet provides added security for the handset cord.
· Adjustable handset cord lengths, comes standard with 24" Handset length.
· Optional noise-canceling microphone available e Large customizable instruction card area.
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