FONAX PRO AND FONAX SMARTFIT:  are integral solutions ideal for the world of small and medium companies, hybrid integral solutions that include traditional technology and IP telephony, with the best market value, and this makes us the best option.

 We offer:

  1. Cutting edge technology
  2. Recognitions that reaffirm the importance within the distribution channel “Most innovative product (corporate):  IP PBX FONAX PRO” ( )
  3. Best relation price / value.
  4. Not based on licensing that makes the final solution more expensive.
  5. Capacity from 1 to 35 extensions with up to 15 reoccurring calls (ideal for Pymes) in the SMARTFIT version and from 2 to 400 extensions with 100 reoccurring calls on the PRO version.
  6. Online administration for management and reports.
  7. Ease to handle and manage.
  8. Warranty and support.
  9. Helps to lower drastically the costs of communication.
  10. Capability of integrating multiple companies and external systems.
  11. And a lot more ….


The following are a few benefits that Fonax can offer to your clients:

  • Total integration between offices / call your remote offices through internal extension numbers.
  • “Take your extension where ever you go”, keep in touch with your clients at lowered prices “no more roaming”
  • Local numbers in different countries, allow your clients to be just a local call away from your company.
  • Messages to your email.
  • Multiple conference rooms of up to 22 people.
  • Call routing through the cheapest way or without cost.
  • Multiple line system.
  • You shall never have a busy tone.
  • Online reports.
  • Call recording (optional).
  • And a lot more.

In FONAX we are interested in helping you through our products in taking your company to the next level; reinforce the products and services you offer.

Business allies with Fonax. Get Certified.

Why certify in systems integration?

Assuring the ability to integrate and give support of the line of products also assures technical excellence, client satisfaction and integrity.

Constant training about launching new products, updates, support and all the information we believe is critical for the success of your projects.

Access to the B2B support unit, receive the best quality of support and offering the highest quality of service.

Why Fonax as a strategic partner of your company?

We provide the necessary elements, products, services instruction and capacitating to fortify your actual business model, or projects at short or medium term. We provide the technology with the flexibility, ease and implementation for scenarios of small or medium companies now days, handing you a competitive advantage for your company.

Integrators program, VAR and resellers.

Through our commercial modules of the Fonax University, we have reached the objective to offer our integrators elements that reinforce their professional services of consulting and implementation, necessary for the deployment of our technology, completing the design steps, promotions, sales, integration and support.


The communication solutions market is very competitive, the fonax equipments insure connectivity with analog, digital and voip technologies, services, advanced reports, multiple company system, no licensing, ease of use, no hidden costs, with a integral unified communication offer, conceived for almost any scenario of actual application. This represents a base product for any communication offer where these elements are required.