Distribution Channels

Fonax products comply firmly with 2 primordial objectives in a successful distribution. In first place, they adapt to the PYME’s needs, control, savings, simplicity, less integration costs and the use of existing services and technologies without extra licensing. In second place, enhance the business opportunities for our resellers, integrators and VAR’s, this way creating a continued business module and benefits at the margins.

Distribution chain benefits

  1. High margins
  2. Complement the existing product offers
  3. Cross sales opportunities
  4. Easy to install and maintain (hence less effort of sales and promotion)
  5. Amplifies the sales range stimulating: power solutions, networking, services, phones and a lot more . . .
  6. Strong backup and B2B support, training and certification.

Key Differentials

  1. Intuitive graphic interface – it simplifies the integration of telecommunication solutions lowering functioning costs, control and reports in a flexible way.
  2. Scalable – adapted to the needs of the medium and Soho Latin-American companies.
  3. Base Norms – interoperation with sip devices, mayor diffusion protocol worldwide.
  4. Tested – Clients all around the world enjoying of the benefits and savings that fonax has brought to them, including companies of the FORTUNE 500 range.
  5. Multiple company – one equipment, multiple companies without initial costs per project, guaranteeing the best investment return.
  6. Bandwidth control – we understand the availability of internet traffic in Latin America, and for this reason we have optimized our equipments with the latest technology, allowing effective and good quality in conditions where others cannot operate.
  7. Simplicity – the product is easy to use and easy to understand (no entiendo que dice aqui)
  8. Affordable – a low cost solution in comparison to others in the market and with more functionality.
  9. Allows the integration of security devices, access and communication* - (optional, requires sip vigilance equipment and control, not included with the system).  

Our distribution model helps your company in the construction of relations with your actual and potential clients, based on products that generate value in revenue and utility, stimulating other products enhancing the offer.